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Eleven years hands-on experience using statistics and data analytics to design, implement, and analyze quantitative and qualitative research projects and surveys for large data sets.

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I specialize in predictive analytics to interpret and analyze data, detect trends, associations, and cause-and-effect relationships and to develop applicable recommendations. My Master’s degree in Psychological Research with an emphasis in data analysis and statistics from Cal State University Long Beach provides me with strong analytic skills. Since completing my Bachelor’s degree in 2007, I have accumulated more than eleven years of increasingly responsible experience in research and data manipulation, evaluation, and modeling to inform company stakeholders, clients, and customers in product assurance.

In my role as a Research Analyst IV at the Social Services Agency (SSA) I meet with various divisions to provide support in strategic planning activities. I querry their massive databases to extract large datasets to do complex statistical analytics and predictive modeling. I use the data I collect, utilizing advanced computer programming and querying and the principles of logic and scientific method, to define problems involving several variables to establish facts and draw valid conclusions in order to evaluate SSA programs and services and then deliver study outcomes through written reports and professional presentations. I use tact and persuasion to elicit information to advocate research objectives. I produce reports on SSA program trends, outcomes, and performance toward Federal, State, and County goals and mandates. I design, produce, and analyze customized surveys and studies.

I also work as an Adjunct Professor at Orance Coast College (OCC), where I teach statistical analysis and research methods to Experimental Psychology transfer students. I take a hands-on approach in teaching students to design experimental research studies to substantiate hypotheses. My students learn to write clear and concise research proposals with literature reviews using the college library database, to perform appropriate statistical analysis using SPSS, to interpret their statistical results, and to present their results in scientific reports and professional presentations.

Previously, I took a leadership role in my three years as a Research Assistant at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) supervising the operations of their principal research project, the Discovery project. In addition to the Discovery project, I conducted my own original research for my Master’s Thesis research work at CSULB.

All this means I excel at working in various roles whether it be an investigative role, a leadership role, or a teaching role, where detailed processes and procedures are not always specified. In all of these roles, I have been immersed in the details of collecting, analyzing, reporting, and presenting research data using spreadsheets, databases, visualizations, and up-to-date statistical analysis software, such as SPSS and SAS, and other tools.

With both my Master’s program, thesis project, and my work experience directing a multi-million dollar longitudinal study to fully evaluate a new rider safety and training program at MSF, I have been responsible for planning, designing, proposing, evaluating, and presenting research and data analysis for various complex projects from start to finish. My Master’s program trained me in advanced statistical analysis and data acquisition and management, and how to apply those skills to various situations, programs, and scenarios. At MSF, I needed to understand and interpret data from both the perspective of the internal goals of MSF to market rider training curriculum to stakeholders, and at the same time, from the perspective of the students using the rider training to improve their skills, with a special emphasis on safety. At SSA, I have the opportunity and pleasure of serving in a lead capacity designing and implementing research studies and surveys to collect data. At OCC, I get to equip the next generation with all of the knowledge and skills in research and data analysis that I've spent over eight years of my life performing and perfecting.

All of these projects and responsibilities entailed designing and implementing effective survey instruments, processing and analyzing data using complex statistical analysis, manipulating data in the company’s data warehouse, leading a team of researchers, and developing and designing webpages that facilitated recruiting participants and gathering the data. Furthermore, my double Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology gives me the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, a quality needed for complex reports, articles, and other publications that need to be done in a clear and compelling manner for both technical and non-technical audiences such as customers and stakeholders.

Finally, my knowledge of advanced research and statistical analysis methods and procedures includes the latest social media and Internet-based tools and techniques for survey design, implementation and data collection. This includes the use of online SurveyMonkey, HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, Facebook, as well as MS Office products. You can see my own hands-on website designing and coding in this webpage.

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