Statistics, Data Analysis & Research Methods Expert

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Twelve years hands-on experience using statistics and data analytics to design, implement, and analyze quantitative and qualitative research projects and surveys for large data sets.

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  • Serving in a lead capacity to design and implement research studies and surveys to collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions in order to evaluate SSA programs and services in a timely manner. Create and manage complex analysis projects for large data sets utilizing advanced computer programming, statistical techniques, and the principles of logic and scientific method to define problems involving several variables. Apply mathematical formulas and calculations to select appropriate statistical methods for collecting and summarizing data. Use tact and persuasion to elicit information to advocate research objectives.

  • Teaching a 4-unit Experimental Psychology lecture and lab course (PSY A280). Responsibilities include teaching students research methods, including research design, writing APA research proposals and reports, developing surveys, conducting experiments, statistically analyzing data, and presenting research results. Evaluating student performance through clear, straitforward measures to ensure they meet student learning objectives. Also taught a 3-unit Biopsychology course teaching students the science of neuroanatomy (PSY A250) and a 3-unit Introduction to Psychology course teaching students the scientific study of mental processes and behavior exploring various topics in psychology such as physiology, sensation, perception, states of consciousness, learning, memory, intelligence, thought, language, development, motivation, emotion, sexuality, health, stress, personality, abnormal disorders, and therapies.

  • Conceived, designed, and conducted original research to test the relationship between the neurotic personality trait and menopausal symptoms while controlling for stressors and exercise. Wrote and presented proposal for approval to proceed with research project, and presented the final results for approval by the thesis committee. Designed and coded a web page for survey participants to inform them about the study’s details, to gain their consent to participate, and then to complete the embedded survey using SurveyMonkey. Recruited participants through social media, analyzed data using SPSS, and wrote and presented results of research data for publication.

  • Conducted research for Dr. Amirkhan on the Stress Overload Scale (SOS), which connects the link between stress and health as a tool for health intervention and preventative healthcare. Lead Dr. Amerikhan's undergraduates research group in conducting field research. Participated in study design and completed literature reviews and survey construction. Recruited participants and recorded, cleaned, and analyzed data in SPSS.

  • Called back by my last employer for freelance work. Consolidated participant data for the Discovery Project. Completed data entry, reconciliation, and analysis. Managed the study give-away procedures for the conclusion of the study.

  • Leader of the operations, both on-site and in-office, for the Discovery Project, a longitudinal, multi-million dollar, research study for MSF involving a cross-functional team from UNC, NTSB, and DMV. Designed and developed motorcycle research studies. Recruited hundreds of participants, processed/organized data, and persuaded participants to return for further testing/training. Supervised participant return testing/training sessions. Modified recruiting procedures to increase participant rates. To save money, devised a system to reduce the number of required testing/training sessions by calculating participant return rates. Created original study materials and correspondence. Managed office staff, motorcycle training personnel and research study evaluators. Conducted literature reviews, created surveys using SurveyMonkey, statistically analyzed data using SPSS and wrote reports using colorful graphs displaying study outcomes. Co-authored a published research article. Stepped in as interim Motorcycle Training Site Manager until a new manager could be hired after they were undexpectedly left without one.


12 yrs Experience