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Research Methods in Experimental Psychology

Lecture/Lab Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00 pm – 9:10 pm

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Experimental Psychology, Psych A280

Welcome to Experimental Psychology. This course addresses the principles and techniques which enter into experimental research concerning behavior and emphasizes designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting research in the behavioral sciences.

Students are introduced to behavioral research rationale and its application. The course is organized around the decision-making processes involved in the development of experimental research. The reasons for conducting experiments, types of experiments, adequate sampling, appropriate methodologies, and statistical treatment of the data is emphasized. It is expected that students will develop a familiarity with research terminology, conducting experiments, the analysis and interpretation of data, and the reading and writing of APA papers. Students will begin developing the skills seen below.

Designing, developing, and implementing experimental research studies

Developing appropriate research questions and hypothesis

Developing research instruments and surveys

Launching instruments

Data collection and analysis

Interpreting and presenting research projects

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