Statistics, Data Analysis & Research Methods Expert

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Twelve years hands-on experience using statistics and data analytics to design, implement, and analyze quantitative and qualitative research projects and surveys for large data sets.

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Master's Thesis Research Project

CSULB: Psychological Research Graduate Program

Master's Thesis Project (Final Presentation): Conceived, designed, and conducted original research to test the relationship between the neurotic personality trait and menopausal symptoms with stress and exercise as moderators. Wrote and presented the research proposal for approval to proceed; presented the final results for approval by the thesis committee. Designed and coded a web page for survey participants to inform them about the study’s details, to gain their consent to participate, and then to complete the embedded survey using SurveyMonkey. Recruited participants through social media, analyzed date using SPSS, and wrote and presented results of research data for publication.

  • Connor, L. (2015). The Neuroticism Personality Trait and Its Relationship to Menopausal Symptoms(PDF, 797 kb; Master's Thesis) California State University, Long Beach, CA.

Research in Business

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)

  • Led the operations, both on-site and in-office, for the Discovery Project, a longitudinal, multi-million dollar, research study for MSF involving a cross-functional team from UNC, NTSB, and DMV. The objective of the project was to research product development and evaluate the effectivemess of MSF's new Rider Education and Training System (RETS)


12 yrs Experience