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Eight years hands-on experience using statistics and data analytics to design, implement, and analyze quantitative and qualitative research projects and surveys for large data sets.

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ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: Professional Speaking, Training, Publications, Projects

Professional Speaking:

  • Currently presenting complicated concepts, explaining abstract theories, and demonstrating statistical techniques to college transfer students.

  • Speaker’s Bureau Certification is an interactive training designed to:
    • Take the panic out of public speaking
    • Increase participants’ confidence and further enhance their skill-set
    • Give participants the tools to develop/deliver an effective presentation
    • Address SSA guidelines, its policies, procedures, and protocols
    • Satisfy one component of the policies and procedures to speak on behalf of the Agency
  • Presentation at University of California, Irvine's HTCC about Critical Analysis and Writing class project done for English Honors Literature class.

Professional Development Courses:

  • Completed "ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows" training through Esri (PDF, 166 kb)
    • Organize, create, and edit geographic data
    • Manage, symbolize, and label map layers.
    • Analyze GIS data and solve spatial problems.
    • Share maps and analysis results.
    • Discover how to link data from Multiple Universes and Data Sources
    • Identify differences between DESKi, WEBi, InfoView and CMC

  • Using Business Objects to create variables using “If…Then…Else…” logic, handling calculations within WEBi, translating DESKi Language into WEBi Language, selecting Query Results as a Condition, and how to use xTools and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). Course objectives include:
    • Learn to access Business Objects InfoView website
    • Learn to access Web Intelligence via InfoViews vs Rich Client
    • Learn to create WEBi Reports
    • Practice creating Formulas and Variables
    • Discover how to link data from Multiple Universes and Data Sources
    • Identify differences between DESKi, WEBi, InfoView and CMC

  • Completed trainings through the Social Services Agency's Information Technology Professional Staff in order to learn the Agency's very large, complicated database using Power BI to extract and manipulate data.

  • Completed Level 1 & Level 2 (New Horizons Computer Learning Center)

  • Completed "Solving Spatial Problems Using ArcGIS" training through Esri (PDF, 192 kb)

  • Completed "Referencing Data to Real-World Locations Using ArcGIS" training through Esri (PDF, 193 kb)

  • Completed "Finding Geographic Data in ArcGIS" training through Esri (PDF, 192 kb)

  • Completed a SQL Advanced Querying Course-Level 2, traing through New Horizons Computer Learning Center (PDF, 118 kb)

  • Completed a SQL Fundamentals of Querying Course-Level 1, traing through New Horizons Computer Learning Center (PDF, 117 kb)

  • SQL Essential Trianing Course, trainging through (PDF, 1323 kb)

  • Completed a Crystal Reports 2013 Essential Training Course, trainging through (PDF, 1323 kb)

  • Completed an Introductory SAS Course, traingn through a CSULB Supplemental Course Offering

  • Completed Level 1 and Level 2 (PDF, 2,615 kb), training through New Horizons Computer Learning Center

  • Completed Level 1 (PDF, 2,558 kb), training through New Horizons Computer Learning Center


  • Connor, L. (2015) The Neuroticism Personality Trait and Its Relationship to Menopausal Symptoms, California State University, Long Beach, CA.(PDF, 797 kb; Master's Thesis)

  • Buche, T., Williams, S.L., and Connor, L., Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), “Assessing the Value and Effectiveness of the Honda Rider Trainer For Improving Hazard Perception” (October 2008). Paper presented at 7th International Motorcycle Conference (ifz), Cologne, Germany.

Reseach Projects:

  • Master's Thesis Project (Final Presentation): Conceived, designed, and conducted original research to test the relationship between the neurotic personality trait and menopausal symptoms with stress and exercise as moderators. Wrote and presented the research proposal for approval to proceed; presented the final results for approval by the thesis committee. Designed and coded a web page for survey participants to inform them about the study’s details, to gain their consent to participate, and then to complete the embedded survey using SurveyMonkey. Recruited participants through social media, analyzed date using SPSS, and wrote and presented results of research data for publication.

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF) Discovery Project (PDF, 39kb): Directed the operations, both on-site and in-office, for the Discovery Project. The Discovery Project was a longitudinal, multi-million dollar, cooperative research study between MSF and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to test the efficacy of several new motorcycle training courses developed by MSF. I recruited hundreds of participants, processed/organized data, and persuaded participants to return for further testing/training. I also supervised several training personnel, research study evaluators, and administrative staff while conducting research sessions for returning participants. To save money, I devised a system to cut back on the number of required testing/training sessions by calculating participant return rates. Furthermore, I created written study materials and correspondence.

  • Completed research on correlation between the Big Five Personality Characteristics and Drinking Behaviors (PDF; 921 KB). Invited to present research poster and paper at the 9th Annual Southern California Psychology Conference for Community Colleges.


8 yrs Experience